NISM Certifications -The School for Certification of Intermediaries (SCI) at NISM is engaged in developing certification examinations for professionals employed in various segments of the Indian securities markets. These examinations are being developed by NISM as mandated under SEBI (Certification of Associated Persons in the Securities Markets) Regulation, 2007. Some of the important certifications for beginners are: Mutual Funds Foundation, MF Distributors, Equity Sales, Investment Advisors Level 1.

The Indian Institute of Banking and Finance (IIBF) is a registered company which imparts education in banking and finance.  It is known for its flagship courses, the Junior Associate of Indian Institute of Bankers (JAIIB) and the Certified Associate of Indian Institute of Bankers (CAIIB). With its membership of over 700 banks and financial institutions as institutional members and about 300000 of their employees as individual members, IIBF is the largest Institute of its kind in the world.

ICICI – CFL certifications : ICICIdirect Centre for Financial Learning (ICFL) is an educational initiative of ICICI Securities Limited. Strive to offer best in the class financial learning programmes, through one of the most superior and practical learning approaches that would help students and professionals reach their career goals and investors and traders build expertise to invest and trade. With an objective to be one of the most preferred provider for education on Finance, ICFL offer premium education programmes ranging from Investor and Trader focused skill enhancement programmes on Stock investing, Technical Analysis and Derivatives Trading to certification programmes on Financial Planning and Wealth Management

SAS is the largest market-share holder in “advanced analytics” with 35.4 percent of the market as of 2013. It is the fifth largest market-share holder for business intelligence(BI) . “Statistical Analysis System“) is a statistical software suite developed by SAS Institute  for data management , advanced analytics, multivariate analysis, business intelligence, business intelligence, criminal investigation and predictive analytics SAS offers several certification credentials in the following areas:

  • Foundation Tools.
  • Business Intelligence & Analytics
  • Administration
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Data Management


Tally ERP : Tally Education offers wide range of online certifications designed to take your career to the next level. It intends to enhance the employability of Tally learners by giving them a professional edge with verifiable digital certificate preferred by industries. Some of the important certification from Tally are : Tally Ace, Tally Pro, Tally Guru


  • Verifiable Digital Certificate from Tally
  • Multiple Career Opportunities for certified candidates
  • Career Progression and Management
  • Industry Preferred Certificate

FINACLE : Finacle is one of leading banking software developed by Infosys and most widely used by banks across the globe. Smart Banker certification with Finacle, is offered by flip ( finitiative learning india private limited) which is India’s only interactive online banking course, which covers branch banking operations and hands on training on Finacle – the software used by most of India’s banks. Leads to an industry recognised FLIP certification, with Finacle by Infosys. Impress the interviewers and get a career advantage.

Moody’s Analytics offers wealth management and capital markets training and certification for all levels, via industry-leading online courses and instructors. International Training Moody’s Analytics has built an extensive and in-depth network of international financial experts, as well as industry partners.

IRDAI Certifications : The Insurance Sector is poised for tremendous growth. Global giants in the Insurance Sector are now part of the Indian insurance market. The changing dynamics of the business and regulatory environment demand a highly motivated and professional work force equipped to understand the nuances of Insurance business to enable them to perform effectively. In such a scenario there is the need for an Institution that imparts the skill sets that help in empowering insurance professionals. Insurance Institute of India is a premier institution which offers professional examinations to enhance knowledge and certify professionals through following examinations :

LICENTIATE EXAMINATION This is essentially an introductory course dealing with the two compulsory papers i.e. Principles of Insurance and Practice of Insurance (Life and Non-Life) and one more paper as optional from professional exam curriculum.

ASSOCIATESHIP EXAMINATION At this level, students may have option to choose subjects either Life or Non-Life or both combined. The scheme of study provides knowledge of chosen subject. However, candidates will have to get familiar with the practical aspects related to these subjects.

FELLOWSHIP EXAMINATION This is the highest level and involves advanced studies of specified areas