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Financial Education Program for Adopted Villages



  • To make people aware of various options available to invest and borrow money from the regulated entities.
  • To guide them not to fall prey to PONZY scheme which lure the people with overnight richness?
  • To make people aware of the various government run schemes like Jan Dhan, Jan Surkarsha, Mudra Scheme, Sukanya etc.



  • School / College Students – Habit of Saving, Bank accounts, Role of Banks and other regulated bodies, Use of Debit Cards, Education loans etc.
  • Home Makers and Maids – Methods of saving, Bank accounts and Usage, Insurance and claim processes, Sukanya Yoojna, Jan Dhan Yogna, Mudra Scheme for women.
  • Farmers / Retired Persons – Investment plans – FDs, RDs, ELSS, Bonds, Tax Plans, Borrowing & Lending schemes and relevant options, Bank Rates, Calculation of interest, will, succession plans etc.



The pressing need for financial education comes from two areas.

Firstly is the deterioration of personal finances. Today people resort to living beyond their means, have credit card & debt, and making risky investments in lure of money or fall prey to money lenders.

Second is the proliferation of new, and often complex, financial products that demand more financial expertise of consumers. Turbulent market conditions and changing tax laws compound the need for sound financial education.

Even Government servants are moving from defined contribution regimes to schemes with benefits for retirement, at their option. Therefore, retirement planning becomes very important.


Advantages of Financial Education

  • Helps build a secure financial future. Lack of financial knowledge can affect an individual’s or family’s ability to save for long-term goals and make them vulnerable to severe financial crisis.
  • Prepared for financial emergencies. By incorporating contingencies in your financial plan you are ready to face unseen circumstances head on
  • People who are financially literate are reluctant to buy financial products that they do not understand and thus do not fall for marketing gimmicks
  • Feeling a sense of accomplishment. Financial education is effective at moving people closer to their goals
  • Makes a more responsible individual with a disciplined approach to money. Helps people from overspending and inculcates a habit of savings and investments
  • You become more aware of questionable lending practices adopted by banks and other lenders to sell their products
  • Feel like you are setting a good example for your family
  • Money management skills can benefit other aspects of your life.


Mode of Delivery

  • There are separate workshops for each target group viz School / College students, Maids and Home Makers, Farmers and Retired persons.
  • These workshop would be conducted by SEBI authorized resource person with free of cost reading material and books.


Course Features

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  • Quizzes 0
  • Duration 3 hours
  • Skill level All level
  • Language English
  • Students 275
  • Assessments Yes
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