Credit Skills for Bankers Certification Program

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Credit Skills for Bankers Certification Program

The CSB Credit program helps enhance the quality of SME and retail loan appraisal/underwriting, credit needs assessment, loan monitoring (including early identification of problem credit and recovery). The program also covers key legal and regulatory aspects related to lending in these segments.

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What You Will Learn

Key Features


45-55 Hours of E- Learning


Self-paced learning on LMS


Masterclass by practitioners


Project & Assignment


Resume Building


Assured Placement - Assistance

Course Content

Course 1 – Introduction and Overview of SME and Retail Credit in India

Course 2 – Introduction to Indian Accounting and Financial Statements

Course 3 – Fundamentals of Credit Risk, Credit Models and the Appraisal Process

Course 4 – Credit Analysis Framework: Business Risk Assessment

Course 5 – Credit Analysis Framework: Management/ Promoter Risk Assessment

Course 6 – Credit Analysis Framework: Financial Risk Assessment

Course 7 – Credit Analysis Framework: Assessing Fund Based, Non Fund Based Credits and Retail Credit

Course 8 – Credit Analysis Framework – Structure, Pricing, Risk Mitigants & Ratings

Course 9 – Credit Monitoring, Stressed Asset and NPA Management

  • Module 1 – Overview of bank credit, SME/retail landscape and unique challenges of lending to SME and retail sector.
  • Module 2 – Legal and regulatory framework and policies related to banking, SME and retail lending in India.
  • Module 3 – Types of credit facilities offered to SME and retail borrowers.
  • Module 4 – Understanding basics of accounting and reading financial statements
  • Module 5 – Accounting systems in India linked to borrower type
  • Module 6 – Understanding the operating cycle
  • Module 9- Understanding Ratios Income Assessments – Borrowers Assets, Liabilities and net worth – LTV, FOIR, Cash Flows, Banking – ABB, ACB
  • Module 10- Lending Process – Types of Borrowers and Documentations, KYC, Financials and Other assessments like CIBIL, Dedupe
  • Module 7- Understanding the concepts of credit risk and credit
    assessment framework for retail and SME lending
  • Module 8- Credit underwriting in SME and retail – model and related due
    diligence and pre-sanction verification procedures
  • Module 9- SME credit analysis framework – SME business risk assessment
  • Module 10- SME business risk analysis – business operating risk
  • Module 11- SME business risk analysis – sustainability risk
  • Module 12- SME management risk analysis framework – management and owner risk
  • Module 13- SME management risk analysis – promoter integrity, capabilities and succession risk
  • Module 14- SME credit analysis framework – financial risk analysis
  • Module 15- Financial risk analysis – identifying the borrowing causes
  • Module 16- Financial risk analysis – using financial ratios to assess financial risk
  • Module 17- Financial risk analysis – using cash flow related risk metrics
  • Module 18- SME working capital facilities
  • Module 19- SME term loans for capital assessment
  • Module 20- Assessment of quasi credit / non-funded facilities
  • Module 21- Assessment of retail credit – home loans, vehicle loans and unsecured loan products
  • Module 22- Structuring and pricing credit facilities
  • Module 23- Security and guarantees
  • Module 24- Effective credit monitoring practices and processes
  • Module 25- Early warning signals and remediating problem credit
  • Module 26- NPA management – classification of assets, regulations and recovery management

Optional Module

E-learning module on ‘Credit Skills for Bankers’ with global certification from Moody’s Analytics

How Does it Work

Credit skills for bankers

Career Opportunities



Specially for Graduates

₹ 14,950

Special Discount

₹ 12,950

(Plus Taxes)



Specially for MBA Students & Working Professional aspiring careers in Credit & Risk roles in Banking, Finance & Consulting Organizations

₹ 29,950

Special Discount

₹ 24,950

(Plus Taxes)

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All professionals currently engaged or aspiring to be a loan specialist participating in any facet of credit related to Retail/Consumer Loans or SME Loans including such functions as client sourcing, credit underwriting and credit monitoring.

The credit sector in India is expanding, marked by an increasing issuance of loans to both retail and corporate clients. A critical proficiency required in this domain involves conducting a more thorough examination of customer or company profiles, financial standings, the operations of rating agencies, and the intricate processes involved in credit rating which is based upon case studies, live examples and practical aspects.

The courses have self-paced based content. So you can view the content at your convenience

You can reach us through any of the channels (phone / email) mentioned on the website. The query resolution time is usually 24-48 working hours. You can reach us through any of the channels (phone / email) mentioned on the website. If we are unable to resolve your query on email or website, we will set up a call at a mutually convenient time.

Access your course across desktop, laptop, tablet We recommend a broadband connection to enable uninterrupted experience while doing the course  . A PDF reader and spreadsheet application are required to open the supporting resources.

All our exams are made up of multiple-choice questions. The final certification exam will also be a MCQ test drawn from a randomized question bank

No, all certificates are digital and can be downloaded.

Yes you will get a global certification from Pearson

Please refer to the hours listed on each of our courses for their estimated completion time.

Acquire tangible skills that you can leverage to make a strong impression during interviews, whether you aim to enter the finance sector or transition within your current roles.



Specially for Graduates

₹ 14,950

Special Discount

₹ 14,499

(Plus Taxes)

Credit Skills for Bankers
Credit Skills for Bankers Program
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