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EIP Campus is a unique program for College Graduate to start building the work-place-skills and explore the exciting world of entrepreneurship.  It’s a unique way of combining classroom learning with practical work experience and its application in the real-world situations. More importance is placed on the value of experiential learning. Students not only take an early view of work place environment but also start understanding the nuances of entrepreneurship as a career.

“Research has established that graduates who had a semester long internship in school / college, had mentor who made them excited about the career goals, campus prepared them well for a life outside school / college, years later as alumni, feel 8.7 times more attached to their alma mater, were twice as likely than those who did not have internships to be engaged in their work and 1.5 times more likely to report high levels of wellbeing.”

EIP college

How Does It Work

  • Students to contact Dean at institution to discuss his interest, availability and major.
  • Campus organizes a EIP-Seminar by experts from SkillLabs.
  • Interested students give their nominations for program.
  • Our signature ‘match-engine’ recommends a project and mentor for each student.
  • Students are assigned with a semester-long Community /Business Project with a startup / Non-Profit / MSME organization.
  • Project pedagogy is based on a 5-step EIP framework which include ‘Foundation-Immersion-Reflection-Synthesis-Application’
  • On successful completion students get one ‘global skill certification’ and one ISO certified ‘Project Completion Certificate’ with LOR by a mentor.

Requirement from Campus

  • Campus to activate virtual learning platform with at least 30 systems, internet / lease-line, viewing screen and speakers. A video conferencing facility is preferred for better experience.
  • Allot 03 hours per week in the time table for a class-room / field assignment

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