Experiential Learning through Internships & Projects

In today’s job market, employers are increasingly looking to hire new graduates with workforce skills. The earlier students begin building these skills, the more opportunities will be available after their degree and are far more likely to receive the job offer with higher salaries!

“Research has established that graduates who had internships in college, years later>as alumni, were twice as likely than those who did not have internships to be engaged in their work and 1.5 times more likely to report high levels of wellbeing.”

Our Corporate Immersion Program designed to impart workforce skills to make students job-ready through an immersive learning process.  More importance is placed on the value of Experiential Learning where things like real-life projects, internship, mentoring, job shadowing, corporate networking and profile building, play a major role to create an Employability Skill Portfolio.


Key Features

Job Oriented

CIP designed to help you develop In-demand professional skills to become a more attractive employee.


Industry-recognized certification that makes your resume stand out from the competition as a fresher.

Experiential Learning

An experiential learning model that lets students apply ideas in a real-world situation and learn creative problem-solving techniques.

Easy and Online

kill learning gets easy with our mobile, PC, laptop and tablet compatible application.

Special Notes

Join our Corporate Immersion Program

Empower your resume with work achievements, Corporate references, Industry mandated Certifications.

Job Opportunities

Whether you a student’s confused about choosing a right college, stream and unaware about possible career options

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